Information concerning posting LSE choirs for 2017-2018

Please read this information before looking for your name on the list.
When lists have been posted, you may view them by clicking here.

* The lists will be posted on Friday, March 10, at about 3:15, in the office window.  At about the same time, they will also be posted on the vocal department website (

* Be sensitive to other students as you look at the list. Please don’t show emotion at the office window. Wait until you are home, or at least away from other students, to celebrate or to cry.

*Realize that the competition for all choirs is very extreme. Many students who audition aren’t selected for any choir. Some of you have “self-eliminated” by limiting the choirs in which you are willing to participate. In varsity choirs, when two students have comparable scores, the senior will be chosen for the choir.

* Instructors make choices based on students’ musical ability, work ethic, attendance, academic responsibility, and ability to get along well with others.

*Choirs are not “stacked.” One individual choir does not get students with all the highest musical scores. Every choir has a mix of good voices, good ears, good sight-readers and good leaders.

*We sometimes ask students if they can take two choirs. We ask different students for different reasons. Being asked if you’d like to participate in two choirs does not mean that we have already decided you will be in a small choir.

*Some of you will not find your name on the list of your choice.  We hope you understand that we gave every student a great deal of thought and consideration. To be chosen for any LSE choir is a great honor and privilege. Every choir here is exceptionally good.

*If you are disappointed with your choir placement, it is fine for you to take some time over the break to feel sad.  Then, try to focus on the positive, choose to get past it, and GO ON.   Often when one door is shut, another one opens that leads to something even better.

*If you would like to discuss your choir placement or audition with Mrs. Noonan or Mr, Rickert, feel free to contact us next week at school to set up an appointment.


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