Spring Activities at LSE

1: Cozad A Cappella Choir visits Southeast.

Just before spring break, a choir from Cozad High School visited our afternoon vocal music classes while on tour in Lincoln.  They stayed for about an hour, first watching a performance by C&N, and then performing for C&N and Singing Knights.  It was great to have them visit, and our students enjoyed getting to meet some new people and to be entertained .

C&N mingling with their new friends.

It's not a picture until three girls pose with their faces really close together.

Our guests prepare to sing.


Singing Knights has arrived to enjoy the concert (and a day off from rehearsing).

Banished to the back of the room, C&N remains as charming as ever.

After the guests leave, Singing Knights has a chance for some social time.


Ars Nova in Columbus

On March 17, Ars Nova traveled to Columbus for an NCDA-sponsored all-day jazz festival.  They got to perform for and work with well-known jazz and choral artist Vijay Singh, and also participated in clinics and workshops with several of the top regional vocal jazz educators.  At the end of the day, 24 festival participants were selected to participate in this summer's All-State Jazz Choir.  With about 20 choirs (around 300 students) in attendance, five of the eight Ars Novians remaining at the festival were chosen for this honor.  Needless to say, we were very proud!  Here are some pictures of them receiving their awards:

So far, Christina and Kasey have been called up.

Add Andrea and Adam.

The 2008 All-State Jazz Choir Selectees.  Notice the four Ars Nova shirts (plus Kasey in a black shirt).
Our five are:  Tyler Smith, Adam Schwimmer, Andrea Frederick, Kasey Bose, and Christina Cane.



And Tyler has just figured out that I'm one of the people taking pictures.

Kasey, Christina, and Andrea show off their awesome medals.  Congratulations, girls!

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